Our YouTube Shows

What Sets Us Apart

Every individual, business, or company has their own bread-and-butter. That's what they live and breathe for, and what they are good at. It only happens that VONAS' expertise is film production, and we'd like to get the most out of what we do best. Through the art of filmmaking, we have launched our brainchild - four YouTube Channels with distinct purposes and personalities, each one serving a unique purpose in the social media landscape.


Behind every pursuit of one's passion are untold stories of triumphs, failures, judgment, challenges, and disappointments that come along with this pursuit. Through PASSIONS, we burrow into personal journeys from the perspective of individuals who bravely took on the path of discovering their purpose. These portrait-style videos will provide you with fresh takes on a wide array of careers and fields including crafts, hobbies, lifestyles, behind-the-scenes, how-to-guides and other industries where we will feature one individual on the spotlight per week.

At the Backdoor

At the Backdoor is a video creator that features individuals having conversations about topics that are considered controversial, taboo, and relevant in social situations that spark and encourage meaningful conversations At the Backdoor allows us to explore the dynamics of these social topics from a broader perspective, with the guest individual providing insights, dispelling myths, shares facts and give us a brief personal take on the issue.