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Purveyr’s fondness of telling engaging and rich stories through their unique voices have been a common ground for us. The desire to impart and talk about interesting things we have discovered has been deeply ingrained in our hearts.



Beyond the Surface is a merely just a film, but a metaphor born out of this desire to share. With no other intentions in mind, our passion-driven projects are aimed at showcasing what Vonas and Purveyr can do best. Choosing to deviate from the ordinary comes with a lot of strings and sacrifices.

Humans are often caught in the dilemma of choosing to fit in or being bold enough to stand out. The burden of standing out and answering to one’s calling are demonstrated in this film. It is envisioned as we are walked through the reality of the few people who live to fulfill the dream of making their lifelong aspirations come to life.

If we look past our differences, we’ll notice that we share the same burden of having our own internal struggle. Whether a desire for a business venture or a pursuit in changing one’s career, something is always churning in someone’s head.

Complexities of human emotions and are made digestible through careful calibration of elements. The mood in general shifts from tepid to emotional, turning quite emotional by the end. Narratives of individuals are depicted in two visually distinct ways. The organic self of the person living life as it is and the symbolic representations of each person delicately shows the contrasting realities of pursuing his passion.

Beyond the Surface

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"we are sprinting against time"

In a race with everything.

At a certain time, we reach a turmoil that seems too difficult to overcome. This becomes a crucial time when we decide if the choice we made is worth the burden. Carefully weighing in the input and outcome we’ve poured in, we reach our own individual conclusions. We envision our paths to be long and winding, and we are sprinting against time. As we pass each lap, our goal seems to be drifting further away. The feeling of being alone in a race with everything and everyone turning against us starts to creep in. We begin to welcome thoughts of giving up, or going back. Showcasing the duality of these people’s lives through this film resonate a message that no matter how complex, and whatever it takes to break the barriers of being ordinary, we must remain steadfast towards our ultimate goal to get where we want to be.