The Untold Truth of the Creative Industry [in the Philippines].

Being a creative is both a blessing and a curse. Gone were the days that art was regarded highly as an exquisite form of self-expression, and an expensive hobby for the aristocrats. In the present time, art is no longer viewed the same by the majority of Filipinos. While many individuals have the intense drive and urge to create art in any form or media, most of them are discouraged by degrading remarks from people around them. From dissing the quality of their work to haggling to a very unreasonably low price - these are only a few of the many disheartening comments that individuals in the creative industry receive.

Aside from a lack of social support from the community, art is also a belittled as a field that does not drive as much money in the economic aspect. Even basic video and photo editing (which are, by the way, expensive services abroad) are regarded as cheap services that people do not want to shell out a lot of money even if it takes a lot of work on the creative's side.

What most people don't know is that a lot of energy is directed towards making art. Whether it be film and commercial production, sketches or calligraphy, digital art, and even writing, so much time, effort, and resources are poured into creating content. Purchasing devices and tools for content creation itself is a huge investment for artists, which is why many cannot afford to go with their creative pursuit. Most people would think that art is a basic past time, a stress-reliever, a break from the corporate work of the concrete jungle. But this is only the surface of the reality of being a creative individual.

In a deeper perspective, producing content for a creative individual is more than just a skill, it is a socially-acceptable form of self-expression. It is our avenue of projecting our inner emotions into a blank canvas. Bearing the silent yet crippling fear of getting criticized or being received less favorably than expected, creatives risk a lot when they share their art. Being out in the open for us feels like being bare naked and under the spotlight, revealing who we are and what we feel.

While most careers in the country dealing with business, finance, engineering, law, and medicine are glorified, the creative field is not often set as a standard in comparison. The creative pursuit is underappreciated and received poorly. But that can all change, and it must change.

This year has made many turns into how we perceive things. Amidst the chaotic and seemingly hopeless public health situation, more individuals have turned their precious time into art appreciation. Being confined in the corners of our homes, some have begun writing poems, stories, learning about digital art and editing, photography, some have resumed painting, people have become interested in voiceovers, and most importantly - people now acknowledge that art has a lot of value, and it's worth paying for. Commissions are done left and right, and creatives are actually starting to earn.

The corporate world surely contributes a majority of shares in our economic sector. Stocks and the market will rise and fall. Businesses will open, shut down, or re-brand. But the creative field will always be there. Time and time, being a creative will always be a worthy choice. This is the untold truth of being gifted with the interest to be in the creative field. No matter how bad people receive your art, your art will always be there. Your value as a creative individual will never depreciate.

Keep creating the content you've been meaning to create. Write that piece, sketch that idea, keep on working and improving your craft. As long as there is one person who believes that you can, keep doing it. Art is what we live for and breathe for. Whether we like it or not, it is the backbone of who we are as humans. We were always intended to create, no matter what form.

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