The Grand Canvas - Inscribing Masterpieces and Astonishing Works of Art with Gigiebear

Hi, I'm Gigi. Or, as you may know, I'm Gigi Bear. I'm a tattoo artist and I've been doing [this] for eight years. I own Crimson River Tattoo with my husband. We currently have a team of all-female that tattoo artists who are trying to break the stigma of being a woman in this industry.

Well, the goal of our studio is to let the people know that we're here, that the Philippines [has] women [who] can do different kinds of tattoo styles and, well, we can deliver. There's still a stigma of working as a tattoo artist, as a woman, because most of the shops here usually have guys that tattoo.

And, well, the industry is male-dominated recently. More and more women are working in this field and have been really, really good. We work in different styles as well. We have girls who can do, like a full-body suit, a full color that is, you work in different as styles do.

We can do almost everything. Clients actually prefer to get a female tattoo artist because they think we're more light-handed. We pay more attention to detail, but it's the same. What men can do, we can do as well.

There should be no stigma with gender. I worked with a different shop before. Like, some clients questioned our ability to do tattoos like certain styles, they don't really trust you instantly because you're a girl. I think before they have more confidence in getting a tattoo from a guy.

How did you start? So I used to do graphic design. I graduated from USD advertising, but they never got into [advertising]. But I did graphic design for like two years. But I think the bass solo when I met my husband, taught me how to do the basics.

The tattooing, yeah. And I don't know. I just had so much fun. I never stop. It became a passion. Yeah. So like, this started. Was it hard? It wasn't really that hard because I had a lot of friends who were supportive.

They were really willing to be practiced on. And then 55, then that got me as their artist. I was only practicing for about a year when they asked me to join their team. From then on, I work full-time as a tattoo artist.

My first that too, I did a safety pin. I did a safety pin on my husband. A lot of my friends from college were that doing already, and I really envy them. And I know I was so scared of the permanence and the process because I really didn't understand how it works,