The Final Cut - An Actor's Endeavor and Persona with Robert Joshua San Luis

Actors wear personas to show to the public. They portray characters that are a product of the imaginative mind. Behind all of that, what is it like to pursue the career of being an actor? Here’s our full transcript of our full podcast episode with Robert Joshua San Luis. Check out the full episode on our Passions YouTube Channel.

“Hi, my name is Robert Joshua San Luis. I am from Bulacan and I am an actor for theater, film and commercial. [I'm] also an arts teacher, and a mental health advocate. [I] do things to glorify God, I'm a Filipino and I love people.

I love listening to stories. I love acting and performing different kinds of stories. They say that the most unexpected thing in your life is always a beautiful. And growing up, what I really like was to paint. I never see myself becoming an actor one day until when I was in grade four. There was this audition. I was hungry. I went to the audition expecting for a food, and then they asked me to dance. They asked me to sing. So I did. Then since then, I never stopped. So, what I like about acting is it's already me. It's part of my life already. Do you think acting is socially accepted? Well, right now in our country, that is accepted, but in a way that it's. Can you wrong, meaning there are things that we need to correct. We need to elaborate and to clean like here in the Philippines, when you say you are an artist that they always think that you are a celebrity like they always think the weather channel where we can see on television. Do you have billboards? So that's how they see it. Is that like celebrity being fabulous, being luxurious? But they forget to see that being an actor is a work. And it's not just about being a celebrity, it's not just about being fabulous or look serious, but it's more on serving the people serving the community through stories. And up until now, it's still a fight. It's they do elaborate it to people, to the audiences that this is the life of being an actor. When I was studying in college, I was taking a Bachelor of Arts in theater arts. People were always asking What is that cause? Is that all about? You just cry and then you get good grades. And then my family also, they love what I'm doing, but they are always hesitant about, does it have SS s PhilHealth, but e or is it really a good work? Why just find other work? I just find other regular job. So here in a country where it's a third world country, you in art, it's not really a priority and it's not really, you know, massive. So, people always think that it's not really a regular job to the society. It gives hope to the people that whenever I tell stories and whenever I perform stories, I get this response from the audience, from the viewers that that's my story. I. I get that I can relate to that. And in that way, I can tell to myself that I am serving right.