The Fast Lane - Experiences of a Racecar Driver Behind the Steering Wheel ft. Boodie Dabasol

In an adrenaline-filled arena, how does one take control of the steering wheel, and his destiny? Check out what it’s like to be a racecar driver in the Philippines. Catch the full episode of The Fast Lane ft. Boodie Dabasol on our YouTube Channel. Meanwhile, here’s our full exclusive interview with Boodie.

“My name is Boodie Dabasol originally from Cebu City, and I have moved in here in Manila for quite some time due to my at the beginning it was my dancing. And I also have a passion with my dancing, which is the Latin American dancers.

And I broke it into another level in which the competitive level. But ever since I mean, I was in Cebu, I was I was so passionate about cars during my time in Cebu. We only have Drag Race, most probably during those days or during those years.

Way back at our mid-eighties, something while waiting for the race because we have to talk, we have to discuss. And, you know, before we start to drag racing. So a few of my friends we even like challenge ourselves for this.

Like, it's like a stunt driving. They call it in the in Cebu or Vizzion. We call it the gala-gala. So, yeah, the passion have grown so much about cars because of that. The first time since I was a little kid, I always have this in my mind, like as soon as I'll be able to reach up those pedals and the steering wheels. That was the moment that I started, but I can't remember on which Asia, because I was a teenager, I guess, or maybe 15 or 14 started to drive. Like I go in a vacant lot to do some tricks with cars.

Know, I'm not too sure on which year was that or how old was I? But really, even if I don't have a license or driver's license, I I usually do that. I I take my uncle's car actually like the stolen one that I just bring it this open lot and then try to do some tricks with the cars. I remember I was in Germany, I had to work from there. Then when I got back in the country and went straight to Cebu, I opened up a little business. And then there comes. I open the garage or a shop in which that did focus only on the company cars or trucks.