How to Showcase Value & Make Great Commercials

We Break Down What We Think Great Commercials Are Made Of

Commercials have always existed to do one thing: to sell. 

But in today’s digitally-driven world, it’s become harder and harder to capture an increasingly selective audience’s attention. There’s no doubt about the fact that there is now a tangible barrier between advertisers and consumers when it comes to traditional advertising methods, and the question of how to engage that closed-off audience becomes more pertinent as consumers take ever-active steps to disengage from traditional forms of advertising as much as possible. 

In fact, statistics from Pagefair have shown that in December 2016, over 600 million devices were running adblock software globally and it shows no signs of stopping. Add to that fact that there’s been a stronger shift to mobile globally and that ad-free media platforms (such as Netflix and Spotify) are thriving, and this leaves advertisers trying to reach out to a non-existent audience. 

The Cannes Lions Jury’s book “The Art of Branded Entertainment” calls this phenomenon “The Void”. It is defined as “the absence of an audience caused by the loss of interest of consumers in advertising”. 

So now we ask: how can we spark consumer interest in an environment of such apathy? The answer is branded entertainment. 

What is branded entertainment?

Branded entertainment is a marketing strategy centered on creating original content that builds brand awareness by showcasing brand values as opposed to more common methods such as product pl