Focal Point - Seeing the World Through the Lens of a Colorblind Photographer with Ed Enclona

A disability is not a barrier to fulfill a dream. Our subject in this feature is a testament that anything can be achieved when you put your heart and mind to it. Catch our full podcast episode, and full portrait video in our Passions YouTube Channel.

I'm Ed Enclona and I'm called the color blind creative. So I do fashion, photography, creative directing, and now I'm starting my own brand. So I'm from Bulacan, but now I'm living in Quezon City, so we're kind of close to the studios.

So I used to live in Navotas, which is kind of far from all the studios and work for me. And now, this year, I just transferred here to Quezon City. So I'm now kind of independent because I used to live with my parents.

Yeah, my kids go to Quezon City. This is the perfect area for me because it's kind of accessible to go into my parents' house like Santa Maria Bulacan and also go into the studios because most of the studios I rent are five minutes away from my house.

So that's very feasible for me, and the work of photography and painting was introduced to me when I was in sophomore year. And I'm a second year college student, so I've been doing it just for fun, just so it's like a part of my subject and curriculum.

So then it started to build enthusiasm. Then while working on that, I was kind of having it like suppression develops as well. It transformed into a passion rather than an internet knowing that photography can be a source of living.

So luckily the digital age is evolving, so Instagram was introduced to me. Then I started uploading my photos, so I discovered that there are a lot of photographers who