Jul 22, 2020

The Director's Position in the Advertising and Film Production Industry

Interested in the Advertising Industry & what a being a Director's is really like? In this VONAS X Workshop, German Director and Editor Thomas Eberhard discusses about applying the principles of advertising to the film and commercial production industry through the eyes of a Director. This workshop gives us a panoramic view of the whole workflow involved in film and commercial production, and introduces advertising to beginners, and highlights the relevance of being knowledgeable in advertising to help you translate strategies into effective marketing.

For those with questions about this topic, feel free to ask them and leave a comment for Thomas and other directors too! Check out the full workshop below:

Here are some snaps from the video:

Jul 22, 2020

Juan Thomas is a great colleague, who i think ( and like myself) can profit from musicality - cause he is also drummer 😁👌🏻

Jul 22, 2020

Thanks Emanuel! And yes, drumming has helped me a lot to develop a sense of rhythm, pace and timing. Firstly for editing, but due to my editing experience I have also a better sense for timing on set while directing.

Jul 22, 2020

Hi! I've got another follow up question, What 3 things would you tell your younger self when you were first starting out your career?

Jul 22, 2020

Great question Keiko! the advice I can give is: 1. Be patient, it takes its time and you will learn during the process (experience is very, very important) 2. Try to work with the best and push yourself, try a lot of t hings and just constantly improve your showreel. 3. Get connected with people in the industry; people need to know you exist so that they can call you!

There are many more, but I would say these are my top points.

Hi Thomas, thanks for giving a wonderful discussion. I just want to know your take on the future of advertising in film production given the current public health situation. What are your thoughts?

Sep 17, 2020

Hey Oliver, I am sorry I only now see your comment! Almost 2 months have passed since you stated your question. I think now the panorama has changed a little bit. I was curious about how or even IF shooting would be possible. At least here in Colombia in the city of Medellin we reopened business and filming first nationwide. So, We have been back to work for 2 months and it looks like companies are getting confident again to spend on advertising. I myself now have shot several commercials and it is all about the biosecurity procotols; there are a lot and it has become a crucial point in production. It still is weird to have to apply those protocols but it is not as bad as I had imagined. It was really great to be back on the set. Now we will have to see if things continue improving or if we will have a setback. I hope we wont.


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