Aug 11, 2020
Edited: Aug 19, 2020

Pre-Production: Guide to Writing a Director’s Treatment

What is a Director's Treatment? A director's treatment is probably the most often term that you will hear in the Creative Industry. It's basically a document (can also be in the form of slides as well, accompanied by pictures and visuals) that clearly outlines all the elements of a film, music video, commercial, or a TV pilot. It's typically used by professionals in the Creative Industry who are pitching an idea or for a project, either to an Advertising Agency or a Client directly. In this workshop, we are joined by Director @Theo von Asmuth and Copywriter and Vonas' resident Social Media Manager @Oliver Tabernilla. Theo discusses the role a treatment plays in being a director, using it as a means to convey a vision. We've posted his outline on how to create a Director's Treatment down below. Oliver goes deeper by letting us in on the several tools he's been using so far to aid him in creating treatments with Theo. Check out past workshops here and upcoming workshops here as well.

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There's a part 2 coming so watch out for that!

Some snippets from the video:

Aug 18, 2020

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