Jul 21, 2020
Edited: Jul 25, 2020

How to Manage ANYTHING

Managing Anything and Everything is a big task. What exactly do you need to manage? From planning to organizing, creating structure, execution and making sure the final outcome is right. You might want a system to help you manage your different projects, something to track your finances, maybe a system to keep track of all your ideas and "loose papers". You might also want a customizable Sales CRM system, Team Management tracker and a Pitch Deck Creator template to name a few. Any of these sound interesting to you? Let me introduce to you AIRTABLE. A powerful browser software that can aid you in all of these systems and processes that I have mentioned above. Airtable is a customizable data management software. Basically, any data that you need organize, create a system for, or automate - Airtable could just be your next best friend. For further questions, don't hesitate to ask and leave a comment for us to discuss! Check out the full Part 1 of the workshop below:

Hey, Keiko! Thank you so much for sharing your workshop with us, I found this very helpful and I would like to apply this for my day to day tasks. I only have few questions;

1. Is this available in free version?

2. Is it possible if I can printout the table both selectively and whole? 3. Can I also import my excel files there?

Jul 25, 2020

Hey Jessica! No problem, and thank you as well. As for your questions- 1. Yes, there is a free version with a limit of 1,200 records.

2. Both is possible. To print out the whole table, all you need to do is click "print view" on the 3 dots in the top bar. To print out just selective records or fields, copy and paste them onto an excel file and print. 3. Yes, you can import you excel files. Download the excel file as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) and upload it onto Airtable using the block "CSV Import" Thanks for your questions! :)

Hi Keiko, looking forward to your next discussion about Airtable. I just want to know if you think Airtable is suitable for all sizes of companies given the current pricing?

Jul 25, 2020

Hi Oliver! Yay thank you, see you there! In my opinion the pricing is well adjusted and Airtable is scalable and could fit different sized companies. But it also depends on the company's processes and space needed. At the moment, the pro plan has a limit of 50,000 records, but Airtable offers a customized price plan if the company needs more than that. In short, if you're a small company, Airtable can definitely work for you. For a bigger company, it depends on your processes and how much space you need. Hope I was able to answer your questions! Thank you :)


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