Aug 26, 2020

How to become an Influencer

How does one become an "Influencer"? We are joined by Mia J Salisbury in this little discussion about what it means to be an influencer and recounts her own humble beginnings.

Mia is a budding Influencer and public figure. This Aussie-Filipino beauty has been successfully competing in beauty pageants and has an ever growing youtube channel featuring vlogs, makeup tutorials and more. Being an Influencer is not just looking pretty and taking pictures. It is a field of work! Check out the video to gain insight on Mia's knowledge of the Influencer world.

She talks about how creating content affects your life, how pricing is usually done. How much time and effort goes into being an influencer, and how to protect yourself in this industry as well. Maybe you are someone who is interested in pursuing this field or an entity wanting to understand the influencer's side, you can gain some know how and put yourself in Mia's shoes.

Thanks for your time and see you around!

Check out more of Mia! Here is her Instagram and Youtube Channel

Some snippets!:


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