Jul 23, 2020
Edited: Jul 23, 2020

Color Correction using DaVinci Resolve

Visually resonate the emotions of your work by effectively executing the necessary adjustments after the work has been shot. In this workshop, @Mikhail von Asmuth teaches the basics in color correction to take your average footage and transform it using the software DaVinci Resolve. Anyone part of the creative industry or if you are a blooming creative yourself you will definitely want to check this out. If you want to get Mik's perspective on your work or have got any questions, leave them below and Mik will answer them! For the participants who joined the workshop and would want a certificate, please send post down below a before and after of what you have learned! Missed the workshop? Not to worry! Check out the video here:

Some snaps from the workshop:

Jul 27, 2020

I've learned during this workshop the basic fundamental workflow for color-correcting, specifically starting with adjusting the Contrast, Pivot, Primaries, White Balances, and if needed more, Curves, Hue and Saturation, and Log Wheel values. It's good to use not too many nodes to make the work organized and not confusing. I'd like to get a certificate for participating.

Good learnings!

Hey Migs! Watch out for your certificate in your inbox. Thanks for sharing what you have learned ❤️


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