Sep 15, 2020
Edited: Sep 22, 2020

Cinematography Guide: Shooting Product Videos

In this video, @Theo von Asmuth shows us his mini studio at the Vonas office. He offers an inside out view of how product shoots are shot and a ton of tips and tricks in doing so.

He shows us the theory of light and the 3 grid rule (or the golden rule, whatever fits your fancy). How different setups, positions and light sources can really change our results. He then shows us different strategies photographers, and videographers use to get the results they want.

Lastly, he walks us through the creative process of how he shoots product videos and how you can too! We learn about the different types of accessible and affordable accessories we can use to our advantage and how to use them. I hope you learn something new and apply what you learn to your own work or hobbies. For upcoming events & workshops check here. For past workshops check them out here.

See ya around!


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