DIR. Anthony Capristo



Coming together is the beginning of creating something bigger than the sum of what each of us can do. We believe in working together towards a common vision. We love to think of it as work-in-progress, and we look forward to growing ideas with you.

We believe in the power that emotions hold when communicating an idea. Our corporate and music videos are carefully crafted and tailore.


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GEIST is a creative collective of directors and photographers driven by the boundless desire to create something new and progressive.

"We are not a typical production company. We are like a wild bunch of people sharing the same visual dna and cultural understanding."

Geist’s founder, Anthony Capristo, is a proud partner.



The greatest things are never done by one person, they are done by a team. We’ve expanded our network through our collaborative partners in Germany and Singapore.

Working together towards a common vision, our partnership with We are M2 has expanded our circle with Directors, Service Production and Post-Production. Through our unity, we created an immense amount of creative power allowing us to produce and expand horizons.