Find Your Fate

Find Your Fate is all about having the world against you; it’s all about having all these struggles in life that really puts you down. It’s about planting your feet firmly while you hold on to your hopes and dreams, and nothing can stop you from getting back up.

When odds are against you, drive and hard work are the key elements in overcoming life’s merciless adversities. No matter what obstructing cause there is, let it be conquered with resilience, strength and grit. It can position a brand to exemplify a character that denounces any form of excuses.

It also positions the brand as a sensitive character, who focuses and acquires strength by hearing stories of struggles rather than success.

It’s a brand that manifests as an idea that’s highly relatable for the masses. It’s because of the emotional connection established that people can recall.

Only born poor, not born without dreams


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Limits, like fears, are just an illusion.

Goals can be out of reach, but never out of sight. Life’s greatest glories do not come when we do not fall, but when we RISE every time we fall.


Relatable Insights

Creating Connections

Relatable Insights

It’s by creating situations wherein the life of our target market would really reflect from the story. This is where we create a relatable connection between our audience and the brand.

Finding the soft spot in our target market by creating situations that are relatable to them creates the strongest connection between our audience and the brand.

People remember what they can relate to. Forming a mere reflection of their personal story makes people remember. It’s where we can integrate and communicate ideas and values that will engage our brand with the target market through this connection that we’ve established.


the Chains

It’s how you can make the story tell the relatable truth of your market.

You look around you, and see people on their routine; you see the same things over and over. You begin to see that everything is becoming a cycle that looms over your life.

You began to wonder about the repetitive cycle of life. It’s hard and it’s taking a toll on you. You wanted to be free, and enjoy the life beyond the horizon of skyscrapers you’ve always been looking at.

The idea behind this video positions SportScheck as a brand that helps and accompanies you from breaking out from the repetitive routine of a metropolis life. It’s a friend, an escapade, a sense of freedom, a new adventure. It’s about placing SportScheck as a brand that helps its market start their wonderful journey.