Deichmann — Brand Positioning and Integration.

Music and Dancing have been intertwined ever since mankind learned to create tunes and dance to the beat of their own melodies. Time and time, these two have been evolving together non-stop. Hands Create the Music but Feet Shape the Vibe.

It’s the feet that dictate where the music goes. Nobody heard or danced Electro Dance Music during the 1950s. When people started to dance to the beat of a song, EDM was born. It’s no longer just the hands who commands the musical scene, but the feet now play an important role in shaping how music and dancing can further evolve.

The idea shows how playful and colourful these two art forms can be. No matter how long time flies, they’re always in harmony. Whatever music the hands create, the feet shape how the vibe would be.

It’s the evolution of music and dancing that creates boundless possibilities. Positioning as a brand that knows this truth, it positions as something adaptable and forever changing. It will evolve and cater to the creative changes that may happen through time.


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Beauty is where you accept and appreciate its different forms. Like fashion, the glitz and glamour manifest in many ways. 

When you combine beauty and branding, you form one aesthetically-pleasing package. Exhibiting the dynamic contrast and evolution of dark aesthetics and fashion.



Where All Forms of Beauty Coexists

Our Story

The idea of using mother nature’s elements as a symbolic metaphor for the different beauty each person possesses. It’s an idea where beauty exist in different natural forms.

Seamlessly integrating a brand is a very important part. It shouldn’t feel that the brand was just forced into the idea. Because the Brand is the idea and the source of that idea itself.

The integration of Kiaris positions the brand that caters to all forms of beauty without preference or discrimination towards one. It shows the adaptability and the equal patronage of the brand toward its various consumers with different personality and taste. Kiaris as a brand that welcomes its market to their full extent.

Brand Positioning is where we give the brand roots to grow and wings to fly.