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Theo von Asmuth, Film Production in Makati by VONAS


Theo von Asmuth is a freelance TVC / Film Director born in the Philippines.  Theo von Asmuth moved to Berlin, Germany at the age of eight. The new life in Germany was a challenge at first, but Theo von Asmuth soon coped with heavy traffic, the German language and an unknown surrounding with many new people. Moving to Germany and experiencing two different cultures influenced Theo von Asmuth’s character and thinking to date. With a lot of experience both in directing and in cinematography, he decided to focus more on directing. 

Based in MNL.

Jose Olarte, Film Producton in Makati, VONAS

Jose Olarte

Jonathan Jose Zamora Olarte is an independent filmmaker, human rights activist, and installation artist based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His films have been screened in In Signes Nuit, Film Festival in Paris France, His work has also been screened for the Interfilm festival in Berlin, Germany. Recently his work was screened in the 31st Gawad Alternatibo Experimental Film Festival, the longest-running experimental film festival in Asia. He actively exhibits works in art galleries and institutions around the metro.