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The values and commitments of AXA anchored this project to create awareness and leave an impact on the audience on how they place importance on relationships, understanding their clients, and tailoring experience for each individual.

Those who know you can.


Know you can

Athletes, actors, and influencers – these are just a few people who come to mind when we think about everyday heroes. It’s easy to identify these individuals who sell their image to the public to make a living. But behind the scenes are people who make it possible for them. We intend to shine a spotlight on these individuals who are rarely given attention, and carry out a message that ordinary people are more than capable of doing extraordinary things every day.

Success stories often don’t come easy. Hardships, obstacles, and fears are part of the package. AXA carries out a mission to deliver a message of empowerment to people through their “Know You Can” campaign. Throughout this film, we want to convey the experience of how the simplest actions can create ripple effects on someone else’s paths. AXA wants people to remember that no matter how difficult the journey is, success must start with self-belief, and that they are always with them every step of the way.

The film gravitates toward the virtue of gratitude for our unsung heroes. This time, they will no longer be behind the scenes but in the spotlight. Eight athletes from the UAAP line-up narrate interesting stories that molded them to become who they are today. All glory and fame goes to these athletes, but we showcase the relevant work done by our heroes in the dark that put our athletes into the light.

The quiet preparations of the play court at the break of dawn while everyone is still asleep, the mopping of the floors, cleaning the hallways – these are only some of the sacrifices that our heroes made. We acknowledge that hand-in-hand, the successes are brought about by standing on the shoulders of our silent giants.

Little do they know that the campaign is mainly about them, our heroes unsuspiciously listen to the testaments of our athletes, thinking that they are only side casts of this campaign. The testaments of the athletes resonate appreciation toward the unsung heroes which slowly transition and reveal that the campaign is mainly about them. We capture the candid emotion of thanksgiving and gratitude, leaving nothing behind in its rawness.

Gratitude & Hereos

We master and carefully calibrate the elements of the film to deliver the right tone and mood. The scene makes large use of cool tones to emit a feeling of strong and resilient emotion, while also giving off a comforting and nurturing vibe. In this way, we hit the emotional spot of our audience while the athletes they consider heroes share stories about their personal heroes.

We also take advantage of natural lighting adapted to each location as well as manipulate artificial accent colors to amplify the energy. Rich in color and packed with emotions, we showcase the rawness and nature of how close this is to real life to radiate a reminiscing vibe - resulting to a gorgeously evocative film.

Those who know you can.

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